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Classbox makes high-quality hands-on-learning accessible to all educators. Checkout updated STEM equipment for in-class projects, follow guided lesson plans that meet academic standards, and engage all students in STEM/CTE.

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Hands-on-Learning (HoL) projects are one of the most effective teaching methods to engage students, improve comprehension, and increase testing scores.

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Inspire students for a future in STEM and equip them with experience using updated tools and equipment.

Example projects & equipment

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Ensure alignment with your academic standards and plan out in-class projects for the entire semester/year.

Supported academic standards

How Classbox works
Step 1

Set up your classroom and schedule

Select your grade, subjects, and academic standards. Then use the Schedule Planner to easily layout in-class projects for the year.

Step 2

Select your projects to receive at your doorstep

Filter and choose projects that only align with your subjects and academic standards. We then ship the ready-to-use materials and complete lesson guide right to your door.

Step 3

Engage students with

Use easy to follow Project Guides to bring your project to life in the classroom. Ensure instructional comprehension and increase exposure to modern STEM tools and equipment.

Step 4

Keep it for next time or ship it back!

Choose to keep the equipment for next time at a fraction of purchasing new or return the equipment.

Explore our projects




117 minutes

Tello with DroneBlocks

Teach your students how to assemble, program, and automate drones! This project complements the Tello Drones Classbox.




75 minutes

How Does Electricity Flow?

This project covers the fundamentals of simple circuits. Here you will become familiar with the vocabulary, units, and instruments used in identifying and measuring electricity.




355 minutes

Forces in Motion with
Toy Cars

Demonstrate physics concepts about forces and motion in a fun, hands-on way! Your students will carry out investigations, mathematical calculations, and racing challenges with Hot Wheels cars!


Is Classbox curriculum aligned with standards? 


Yes! Current supported academic standards:
◦ SC Computer Science HS
◦ CSTA Computer Science Standards
◦ NC Computer Science Standards
◦ NC DPI Science Standards
◦ Alabama Science Standards
◦ Alabama Computer Science Standards

With more on the way! 

How does Classbox's pricing work?


Once enrolled in Classbox, you have lifetime access to the curriculum and trainings available on the platform. To checkout and buy equipment and STEM materials, you can use allocated and earned Classbox Credits.

What are Classbox Credits?


Classbox Credits represent pre-paid value that you can use to purchase equipment, checkout projects, or enroll in paid trainings within Classbox's platform.

Think of credits as the 'fuel' that enables you to access hands-on learning resources to provide more STEM enrichment to your students in your classroom.

How do I get early access to Classbox?


Currently Classbox is only available to schools that are enrolled in a Betabox Learning Program. Visit the Betabox website to learn more about program enrollment. Classbox will be available to all schools in early 2024. You can join the waitlist or contact us if you have any questions.

How do I set this up at my school?


If you are a current Betabox customer who would like to setup Classbox, schedule a call with a Classbox School Success Manager.

Is this an LMS?


Nope! Classbox is not another LMS tool that you need to onboard students into. Use Classbox to access the resources you need, and then add lessons to your existing LMS.

Which teachers/classrooms are best for Classbox?


Classbox can utilized by all teachers and classrooms in K-12, but the majority of the projects are geared towards science and technology classes for grades 4-10.

Although we cannot guarantee Classbox will align with other academic standards, Classbox can be used in a variety of different classes outside of STEM (for example: CTE courses).

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STEM resources that adapt to your needs.

Classbox can be easily tailored to support you in your instructional goals.

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